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Pizza Stone Set - Bread, Oven & BBQ Grill

Our Story

Our Story 


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Recreate your Food & Travel Experiences at Home with our Pizza Stone Set


Remember that trip, that bite, that memory? Our Chef offers you the tools to create and achieve that experience you want to relive or master. Elevate your quality time with family and friends with amazing food! Our steps show you how to create, bake & duplicate the consistent quality everyone talks about. Revisit and Share Your "New Culinary Journey."

With the Pizza Miava set you have the tools to revisit the classics like Pizza Margherita, Baguettes & Boules, Now start a new journey with your creativity and use the rectangular stone shape to customize your own flatbreads, or gluten free arepas Teach friends and family and create the experience!

Chef Led Experience

My vision of our customer is one who’s looking to lead a new food experience to share with others. This moment brings new skills and happiness through their own creativity that is built on memories and destinations yet to discover. I want to help bring all of it together through our products that teach new skills, elevate your events and enriches the experience!

-Chef Mike


Launch your best home pizza experience

with our techniques!


Pizza Miava is an amazing product. We make the best pizza in town no more going out love it! Fast shipping excellent family company and it shows. 

Jacob Anderson - San Diego California

Excellent product, our family loves making the best pizza. 5 Stars!



Janet Lombardi - Miami Florida

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