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Pizza Miava - Pizza Stone Set - Bread, Oven & BBQ Grill Black Ceramic Cordierite, Nonstick, Rectangular stone 15x12 Pizza Cutter & Pizza Peel remove handle easy storage Bowl Scraper for dough & stone.

  • CHEF TESTED QUALITY: Each piece was selected by our chef and tested repeatedly. Rigorously testing a variety of doughs at high temperatures and home kitchens determined our selection of materials that will produce quality results consistently. For example, our Folding Pizza Peel is a smooth metal, slide off/on process with the nonstick stone. Saves time, no tears and keeps your home production going with multiple pizzas or breads 

  • GREAT CRUSTS & HAPPY PEOPLE: relaunch your pizza night experience with family and friends. Pizza Miava teaches you how to create dough and achieve “bragging rights” on crusts. Time to show off your new skills and elevate your quality time together! Connect with us for recipes and steps on how to use your stone. 

  • CREATIVE FREEDOM: Recreate your food & travel experiences with Flatbreads, Focaccia, Baguettes, Pastries, Calzones, Roman Style Pizza. Create a world of pizza, bread styles and pastries. The rectangular shape allows freedom to create longer or round shapes side by side on stone. 

  • EASY CLEANING: No more crusty pans to scrub adding to the dish pile after baking. Easy to wipe stone smooth nonstick surface and leave in oven, out of the way 

  • CHEF’S INSTRUCTIONS AND RECIPES: Home oven or BBQ grill, we’ve got you covered! Each set comes with easy scan QR code link to our website where you can access beginning steps, stone care, Chef recipes & photos.

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